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Every day we hear that women are a majority on social networks, an absolute majority on Facebook and also a majority on Twitter, to name the two best-known examples of social networks.
We have to take advantage of so that this domain is not diluted and we can have more professional possibilities thanks to it. For women this means: Opportunity. Abundant opportunities to lead, change, innovate, develop relationships within and outside the work sector, both locally and internationally.
Companies seeking to connect with women, whether as consumers, entrepreneurs, or employees, have an unprecedented opportunity to reach them through social media.
Opportunities to demonstrate leadership abound for women on social media. This is a golden age for women in technology.
Conference organizers, editors, journalists, are all desperate to find outstanding women for their lecture staff, staff, resource list, etc. There are more and better opportunities than before ”.
Women who wish to seize these opportunities must be proactive, submitting seminar proposals that demonstrate their knowledge and value. we must be ready to take over.


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